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Our working principle is really simple – to help our clients build their brands and reach their customers everyday. We do it by providing business solutions that solve our clients' problems - whether it is quality, budget, lead-time or service challenge, we work hard so that our clients constantly win in the market.

Our services
Indoor Inkjet Printing
Outdoor Inkjet Printing
Pre Production service (designing, file
compositioning, scanning, etc.)
Laminating Service
Mounting Service
Delivery and installation service


Product repertoire
While the product possibilities are infinite, we
list down the popular ones below:


Roll up
X Stand
J Flag
Point-of-purchase displays
Window Sticker
Lift Sticker
Backlit Transparency
Event Backdrop
Prints for Events, Booth/Exhibition and
Vehicle Wrap


Research and Development
The most ubiquitous myth in the industry is that prints are homogeneous products and so the cheaper the better.


We argue otherwise. How can prints be the same when many ingredients have to go through several processes for each print to be completed?


We constantly run rigorous testing to find best combinations and best ways to make each type of prints look better than market standard.


We stock extensive range of materials from leading suppliers to offer maximum choice and flexibility for our clients. This is to ensure best quality prints at every price range and that your needs are met in the best way possible.


High Quality Materials
We produce the best prints at every price range our clients can handle. Yes, we have economy- and first-class seats, and also something in between. But most of our clients demand highest quality materials.


Latest Printing Technology
Every now and then there are breakthrough technologies that allow better business solutions. More durable inks for longer print life and higher colour saturation from better ink formula, for example. That's why we constantly invest in new machines and technologies so that our clients get the best solutions possible in the market.


Craftsmanship also exists in the digital world. It doesn't necessarily mean we do very precise die-cutting, or quality laminating.


It also means we know your blue is different!


Competitive rate
We understand that each specific work requires different specifications in the image quality, print size, production run, production cost and the requirements for print durability.


We work hard to ensure that our clients get the best quality prints that are aligned with their specific requirements at the competitive price.